So today while I was sunning myself, I thought back to my first day at my new home. ThisĀ is how it went: First this lady picked me up from my home. She was nice, but I was scared. She was taking me away from my home and my mommy. When in the car, I fell asleep (can you blame me? I was only 4 weeks old!). Then when I woke up, I was in a completely new place and there were new people too. I couldn’t understand what they were saying . But then even more people came and they wrapped me in a blanket and fed me some yummy puppy milk. My new family seemed to really like me. They rubbed me and petted me and gave me lots of love. I really was scared, but I was also really happy. When someone would put me on the ground, I was very soon frustrated. I was not able to walk straight! I remember meeting Lola. I thought she was my new mommy. She didn’t look like me, but she was older so I thought she was my mom. When the sun finally went down I found myself really tired, so I went to sleep thinking this is going to be a really nice home.

Ahhh memories, they are so good.

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