The Newest Member of Our Family

Bambi when we first brought her home

Welcome Bambi, the newest member of our family.  Bambi comes to us from the Capital Area Humane Society.   She was rescued from the home of a Chihuahua hoarder.  She wasn’t feeling well when we first got her, was very shy, and was a bit puny.

We believe she was kept in a cage for at least 10 months.  She is quite shy and a bit intimidated by people.  She has; however, adapted very well to our household.  She is so sweet.  She loves to cuddle and to play.

Hannah, Bambi, and Lola

Bambi didn’t know how to jump or go up or down stairs when she first came home with us. Now, she is jumping and running around like a pro.  She loves playing in the back yard the most, and she will often sunbathe on our deck.  She is a wonderful, loved member of our family.

Bambi now, relaxed and enjoying life!



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